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How to make

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The Trillion Dollar Secret

The Fastest Way to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be Regardless of the Economy

Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to?! Trust me, I don’t know why people jump off in the deep end trying to swim without a life jacket! But I here to show you how I got started in this trillion dollar industry and how I did it with under $300 dollars. Yes, these are facts! And in less than a year my business was producing 6 figures, and you too can do the same thing but without the mistakes, headaches, and wasted time I had to deal with along the way.

Welcome to 6figureriches

where I show you step by step how I built a successful Home Healthcare and Group Home business in my E-BOOK Group Home Riches “The Trillion Dollar Secret”

My name is Dianna Shade-Herron and my goal is to help as many people as possible create wealth and live the life they were destined to live. When I got into this business in 2015 I was in the childcare industry with 5 kids of my own, going through a divorce, struggling with mental health, barely making ends meat, two convictions under my belt, and I had no degree or experience in the healthcare field. The odds were definitely against me- or so I thought.

A relative was already in the industry roughly 3 years at the time and believe it or not I couldn’t pay her to show me how to get in the industry, therefore I had to do it alone and believe me it wasn’t easy, but I did it and you can too with or without my help. But why try to figure it out yourself when I have the blueprint? Literally, Group Home Riches “The Trillion Dollar Secret” E-book shows you every step to take from beginning to end. Nothing is left out. I wasn’t given the opportunity of getting the help I needed when I started, which is why I want to help others, because if I could do it so can you.

From Dianna Shade-Herron, creator of Group Home Riches “The Trillion Dollar Secret” E-BOOK

Dear Future CEO,

Did you know that Per the CDC in a (2016) study there were 12,200 home health agencies: and the Number of patients who received and ended care any time during the year was an astounding 4.5 million (2015)

As it relates to the group home industry and long term care In 2016, about 65,600 paid, regulated long- term care services providers in five major sectors served over 8.3 million people in the United States.

The long-term care services delivery system in the United States has changed substantially over the last 30 years. For example, although nursing homes are still a major provider of long-term care services, there has been growing use of skilled nursing facilities for short-term postacute care and rehabilitation (35). Additionally, consumers’ desire to stay in their own homes. During this same study: Supply of Long-term Care Services Providers.


As of 2016 in the United States, there were an estimated 4,600 adult day services centers, 12,200 home health agencies, 4,300 hospices, 15,600 nursing homes, and 28,900 residential care communities. This report includes only providers that are in some way regulated by federal or state government. Adult day services centers and residential care communities were state regulated, home health agencies and nursing homes were Medicare- or Medicaid-certified, and hospices were Medicare-certified. Of these approximately 65,600 paid, regulated long-term care services providers, 7.0% were adult day services centers, 18.6% were home health agencies, 6.6% were hospices, 23.8% were nursing homes, and 44.1% were residential care communities. This not only shows you the data and growth for the home health and group home industry but it also shows you that people are seeking and preferring care in the comfort of their own homes, and in community based residential settings as opposed to being institutionalized.

And the “Home Healthcare market is expected to grow exponentially through 2026”.



Group Home Riches

We want to bring you off the sidelines and into the game. We want you to enjoy higher levels of fulfillment, more passion and energy, and results very few attain. It’s time to stop surviving, and start thriving.


Simply put, this market has no limits on the type of revenue you can acquire- and the best part is ANYONE can get into this business.
This is also an opportunity for those currently in the healthcare profession to stop making “others” RICH and use your skill and passion to build your own empire, and enjoy the fruits that comes with being a BOSS.

It’s time to stop sitting on the sidelines and waiting for an opportunity to happen to you, and get in the game and go make it happen for you.
Maybe you were just like me, looking at all the success around you and on social media thinking “why them and not me” or feeling like you could never be a 6figure earner let alone a millionaire.

Well I’m here to tell you, I was wrong, and so are you! You have the same opportunity to get whatever you desire in life-you just have to believe that you can, follow the same blueprint of someone doing exactly what you want to do, get a mentor or coach, and then get your ass up and go get it! Yes, you have to get tough with yourself, accept no self pity for previous mistakes or failures, and TAKE ACTION- faith without works, is dead.

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introducing Group Home Riches “The Trillion Dollar Secret” E-BOOK Get immediate downloadable access now

What you get: 5 chapters (48) page quick read with nothing but data, clickable links and information to get you started TODAY!

Chapter 1: Getting Started

In this chapter we jump right into the application process to get licensed through APD. There is no fluff in this E-book, we get straight to it. What you have to submit, how to submit it, how to register your business in Florida if you haven’t done so already, how to get your Medicaid provider number, how to set up your background portal to obtain your fingertips and for your company, what classes you need and the links to take them…FOR FREE! Chapter one has EVERYTHING! If you are seeking licensing through AHCA please set up a mentorship call. $3,000 Value

Chapter 2: Proceed With Caution...

how you can leverage OPM to scale your business $500 Value

Chapter 3: So You're Ready To Get A Group Home

Here we dive into how to get a home, what to look for when finding a home, required sq. footage, if you are leasing how to structure the lease with the owner, the different levels of care you can provide and more $1,000 Value

Chapter 4: On The Road To Financial Freedom

Here we talk about the best part…chi Ching! Yes, getting paid, how to find consumers/clients, how to market yourself, how to build rapport, some basic do’s and dont’s of running a group home $1,000 Value

Chapter 5: Employee Or CEO

Here I talk about the difference between a CEO and a Entrepreneur, how to avoid pitfalls, building from scratch vs buying into one and much more Free

That’s a total value of $5500 !

But if you Sign Up Today you only Pay $999!

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